My appreciation for horror movies started when I was a child around the age of 9 when my Dad used to let me stay up late to watch the Hammer films.

I have fond memories of watching them with a cup of tea and a slice of toast and on numerous occasions my Dad crawling behind the sofa and reaching around with his arm and groaning to make me jump.
Over the next couple of years I feel in love with the series Hammer House Of Horror, Hammer House Of Mystery & Suspense and Tales of The Unexpected.
In 1983 my parents rented a VHS player/recorder which changed my life, it brought (well my Dad & Uncle Paul) a whole new world of scary and twisted films into the Smith household with films like The Burning, The Evil Dead, The Boogeyman, An American Werewolf In London, Phantasm & The Amityville Horror.
In the summer of 1983 my school headmaster said that they were going to be purchasing a camcorder to film the school sports day and yes you guessed it my ears pricked up and he had my immediate attention, sadly when they got the camcorder no pupils were aloud to touch it, I thought to myself when I am older I will save up and buy my own.
In 1991 at the age of 20 I did just that and purchased my first (of many) camcorder.
After tinkering around with it and other camcorders purchased over the next 11 years I had been filming weddings, parties and family footage I thought it was now time to create something of my own..maybe a short film.
Approaching people about the idea about making a film was easy the hardest part was people following through with people coming to me the next day or even weeks later and backing out with excuses & commitment issues.
I realized one day whilst at work that the answer had been right in front of me all along…Tracy my wife, she gladly said yes to my idea about making a short film.
Tracy had been a fan of horror books from a young age and had brilliant ideas for us.
In the summer of 2002 Optic Nerve Productions was born.
16 years later the future is looking fantastic for us with a back catalogue of shorts including The Last Walk Home, Twisted Insanity, Becky, No Rest For The Wicked, Number 8, Sweet Dreams, Wrong Move, Tormented & The Funtime Show.
We have won several film awards in Birmingham UK, Atlanta Georgia, New York USA and are planning to make more films soon.